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TuffTrak® XT TTXT Checkers Black

Art. no: TTXT-BL
Product description
Extreme heavy duty cellular core overlap ground protection mat
  • Insulation
  • Anti-Slip
  • Non-conductive
  • Heavy Use
Color: Black
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Product Features
  • Exclusive Four3 camlock connector
  • Foam filled core avoids intake of liquids
  • Specially designed for roadways and workpads
Product description
TuffTrak® XT is an extreme heavy duty road mat specifically designed for the most challenging ground conditions. The mat features the rugged chevron traction® nub surface that ensures optimal grip in even the most adverse ground conditions. With a 600 psi* compressive load capacity, this extreme temporary ground protection solution can withstand all weather and ground conditions including wetlands, marshlands, peat bogs, and river deltas. The TuffTrak® XT can be installed quickly and efficiently with our Four3™ camlock connector using a minimum of 2 or up to 16 connection points. The combination of the Four3™ camlock and the overlap connectors lock adjacent mats firmly together creating a monolithic working platform delivering superior strength. This semi-barrier keeps dirt and grime below the surface for a clean and secure working platform. The special format of these connection points creates the opportunity for the positional adjustment of mats allowing various configurations.
Selling Points
  • Thickness: 90 mm
  • Usable surface area 6.84m²
  • Pure compressive load capacity 600 psi*
  • Four3™ Connector
  • Available in black or melon
Technical specifications
General specifications
Color Group Black
Application Industrial Environments
Brand Checkers
Sub brand TuffTrak™
Edges No borders
Material Polyethylene
Usage Intensity Heavy duty
Cleaning Instructions Hose off with water
Cleaning and Maintenance Hose off with water
Cleaning Remark Hose off with water.